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When looking for affordable braces in the Bronx, Northeastern Braces should be at the top of your list. With offices in Newburgh and Bronx, they serve patients throughout the area. Dr. Lidia Movahedian and Dr. John Paul Dow offer a wealth of orthodontic knowledge and years of experience. Both doctors maintain professional memberships with the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO).

Traditional Braces or Clear Braces

Although most people think of the clunky old metal brackets and wires, changes in the appliances over the years makes wearing braces less traumatic. So, when you hear the word “braces,” please know that the meaning is a bit different these days.

In fact, there are now several different types of braces that patients can select from. Beginning with traditional metal braces, let’s talk about some of the improvements. The first, and most noticeable difference is that the stainless steel brackets are significantly smaller. While still visible, the smaller size makes braces more comfortable.

Clear, or ceramic, braces work the same as traditional braces, using wire to create tension to shift teeth. The clear brackets allow them to blend with the natural coloration of the teeth. This blending effect makes the braces less noticeable, which makes clear braces a popular and affordable choice.

Another option available with both traditional metal and ceramic braces is the ability to add a bit of color. Rubber bands are used to hold the wires in place on each bracket. By using colored bands, known as elastics, patients can support their favorite team, match their wardrobe, or just sport their favorite color!

Northeastern Braces has Affordable Braces in the Bronx

Keeping braces affordable is a priority at Northeastern Braces. Although we can’t quote an exact price until after an examination, patients will find our pricing lower on average than our competitors. One of the things that we understand is that braces are an investment in your smile.

When you are trying to fit braces into an already-tight budget, rest assured that our staff will work with you to ensure that your braces stay affordable. Our office works with many insurance companies and will help file the necessary forms to get the benefits your policy permits.

If you have an employer-based Health Savings Account (HSA), some of those funds may offset orthodontic costs. Once all discounts, insurance, and saving plan funds have been applied, the adjusted amount can be paid in several ways. With flexible payment plans and other options, affordable braces are available in the Bronx.

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If you are ready to schedule your appointment or arrange one for your child, please use our Contact Form. You can select either the Newburgh or the Bronx office, complete the form, then submit it. You will be contacted by our scheduling coordinator to finalize the appointment.

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