Common Orthodontic Problems | Northeastern Braces

A variety of common problems exist that require orthodontic treatment. We are experienced in providing quality treatment options to both children and adults. If you experience any of the following disorders, schedule an appointment and see how we can help.


A crossbite is caused when the upper teeth do not fit and match with the lower teeth. With a crossbite, the upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth, which can negatively impact your jaw, and proper dental function.


With an openbite, the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap at all. Instead, there is a noticeable gap between the two. An openbite can be caused by improper jaw growth or bad oral habits, such as finger sucking. An untreated openbite can lead to unwanted habits such as tongue thrusting.


When the upper front teeth extend out and over the lower front teeth, this is referred to as an overbite. With severe overbites’, the lower front teeth may bite into the roof of the mouth.


When the lower teeth do not extend far enough forward, it makes the upper teeth appear to extend too far forward. This type of bite is known as an overjet. This can be caused by incorrect alignment of molars, or an imbalance of the upper and lower jaws. It can also be caused by excessive finger sucking. Overjet’s impact both the appearance and function of your teeth.


When the lower teeth and jaw extend too far forward, causing the upper teeth and jaw to sit inside the lower, it is called an underbite. This is often caused by improper jaw growth, with the lower growing too much and the upper not developing enough.