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Braces for Adults in Beacon, NY

Are you looking for treatment with braces for adults in Beacon, NY? Look no further than Northeastern Braces. The team at Northeastern Braces is dedicated to providing the most comfortable and enjoyable experience with braces for adults.

What Types of Braces for Adults Are Available?

At Northeastern Braces, we understand that every case is different, and every patient has different priorities for their orthodontic treatment. That’s why we offer a wide variety of braces for adults, including:

  • Traditional metal braces: these braces for adults are constructed of metal brackets and wires that guide your teeth into your desired alignment.
  • Clear braces: clear braces function the same way as metal braces. The only difference is that, instead of metal brackets and wires, these consist of tooth-colored ceramic material, which gives them the appearance of being “clear”. As a result, these braces are very popular for professional adults.
  • Invisalign: the Invisalign system is comprised of a series of clear aligner trays that, with each new set of trays, gradually guides your teeth into perfect alignment. Invisalign clear aligners are a popular form of braces for adults because they are completely removable, virtually invisible, and very comfortable. You can maintain your daily routines on diet, brushing, flossing, and recreational activities without worrying about the integrity of your orthodontic appliances.

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re ready to achieve your perfect smile, the pros at Northeastern Braces are here to help. To find out more about braces for adults in Beacon, NY, or to schedule your initial consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Northeastern Braces today!

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