Clear Braces New Windsor NY | Northeastern Braces
The Northeastern Braces staff have the knowledge and experience to help their patients who live in or work near New Windsor, NY choose the most effective and appropriate orthodontic treatment for them. They offer their expertise to the patients with clear braces in New Windsor, NY

Clear Braces New Windsor NY

Clear braces are an option for teens and adults in New Windsor, NY who need to wear braces but are concerned or self-conscious about how they will appear once the braces are on their teeth. Traditional metal braces are more obvious; so much so that some patients can now choose fun and fancy colors to sport their dental appliances.

Works as well as traditional braces

Clear braces are effective in treating the most severe of orthodontic issues. Patients looking for options in orthodontic treatment are confident that clear braces treat the issue while being discreet and unobtrusive.

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