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If you are searching the web for “Invisalign braces in Cornwall, NY,” you are ready to begin a journey to straight teeth through orthodontic care, and you need an orthodontist you trust. You need not look any further than Northeastern Braces.

Invisalign braces Cornwall NYWhat Is Invisalign?

Invisalign works like braces, but instead of metal brackets, they are clear aligners. These aligners are molded to fit your teeth, and they slowly push teeth into position. Furthermore, the blend of plastic used in the aligners is very strong, so you do not have to worry about breaking them.

As the teeth shift, the aligners need changing. The orthodontist at Northeastern Braces will develop a treatment plan based on your consultation, and the next aligner you wear will move the teeth a little more. Because of this constant shift, each aligner will feel a little different. Eventually, the teeth all will be in alignment as you finish your last aligner.

Removable Aligners

There are no food restrictions with Invisalign because you can remove the aligners when you eat. They still need to be worn 22 hours every day, but you have the luxury of removing the aligners. Another benefit of removable aligners is you can clean your teeth very thoroughly during your orthodontic treatment. With cleaner teeth, you are less likely to struggle with cavities or gum disease.

Treatment Time with Invisalign

Treatment time with Invisalign tends to vary depending on each person’s needs. The more movement teeth need to line up correctly, the longer it takes. Also, the treatment length changes based on whether the patient is wearing the aligner for the right number of hours. However, Invisalign works fast.

In some cases, treatment is complete in six months. For many others, it could take up to 18 months. You will have a better idea of how long your treatment will be after your free consultation at Northeastern Braces.

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Northeastern Braces offers a variety of affordable orthodontic treatments for children and adults, including Invisalign. You can even get a payment plan. We keep our appointment times, so you won’t have to wait, and you will love our staff. Call our Newburgh, NY, office at (845) 863-0500  to schedule your free consultation. During your visit, we can show you how we are the best office in your search results for “Invisalign braces in Cornwall, NY.”

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