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Are you looking for an orthodontist in South Bronx? Before you choose a provider, you need to consider a few things. Look at what you need to consider when selecting an orthodontist in South Bronx. Then you will find someone who is the right fit for your needs.

Consider the Treatment Options at the Orthodontist in South Bronx

When looking for an orthodontist in South Bronx, look at the treatment options. Look for an orthodontist that offers clear and metal braces as well as Invisalign and Invisalign Teen. Also, consider choosing an orthodontist in South Bronx that provides professional teeth whitening. Then you can whiten your smile after you straighten your teeth. 

Check the Insurance Options

Did you know that your orthodontic treatment might be covered by your dental insurance? Before you choose an orthodontist in South Bronx, look at the insurance plans the provider accepts. Also, see if the orthodontist offers third-party financing. This can help you if you don’t have insurance or if your plan doesn’t cover orthodontic care. The right orthodontist makes it easy for you to pay for your treatment. 

Choose an Orthodontist in South Bronx That Makes Treatment Convenient

Are you worried about fitting in treatments while keeping up with the rest of your busy schedule? The right orthodontist in South Bronx will make this easy. For instance, Northeastern Braces sees patients on time. We understand that your time is valuable, and you won’t have to waste it in the waiting room. You can also save time by filling out the new patient form online. You don’t even need to print it out. Just fill it out and submit it to our office. That way, you won’t have to arrive early to fill out paperwork. Then once you are a patient, you will have access to an online portal. These convenient features make treatment a breeze. 

Schedule an Appointment With an Orthodontist in South Bronx Today

Northeastern Braces just opened a new location in the Bronx, and we are accepting new patients. Our new office is at 2825 3rd Avenue, Suite 403, in Bronx, NY, and we can’t wait for you to stop by. Contact us at (917) 801-3600 to schedule a consultation.

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