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What Are The Benefits on Invisalign Teen?

If you are looking for an Invisalign Teen provider in New Windsor, NY trust the professionals at Northeastern Braces. At Northeastern Braces,  Invisalign Teen to our patients. Invisalign Teen is a..Read More

Top Orthodontist in New Windsor NY

Northeastern Braces is the top orthodontist in New Windsor, NY. At Northeastern Braces, our team is dedicated to providing you with the most enjoyable orthodontic experience. We receive a number of questions..Read More

Can Adults Get Braces?

The answer is YES. There is no age limit for good oral health. Thats why you should let the professionals at Northeastern Braces be your  adult braces provider near Balmville NY. Braces are orthodontic technology..Read More

Invisalign Now Provided near Balmville NY

Northeastern Braces is a premier Invisalign provider near Balmville NY. Invisalign uses a series of custom designed clear aligner trays to gradually straighten your teeth while being completely undectable..Read More

Braces Cornwall on Hudson, NY

At Northeastern Braces, we provide a variety of types of braces in the Cornwall On Hudson, NY area. Some believe braces are only used for cosmetic reasons, but that is not true. There are a number of..Read More

What is Invisalign?

If you are looking for an Invisalign provider near Beacon, NY trust the professionals at Northeastern Braces. There is no age restrictions when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Thats why at Northeastern..Read More

What Are Clear Braces near Cornwall On Hudson?

At Northeastern Braces we provide a variety of types of braces. Aside from traditional metal braces, another option when it comes to braces are clear braces near Cornwall on Hudson, NY. Clear braces are..Read More

What Happens at an Orthodontist Consultation?

Did you know? All orthodontists can be dentists, but not all dentists can be orthodontists. Orthodontic training goes above and beyond that of general dentisty, just as the professionals at Northeastern..Read More

Northeastern Braces Can Provide Braces for Adults in Beacon NY

Braces for Adults Are Not a Myth! At Northeastern Braces, we treat patients of all ages and, thanks to advances in moderm science, there are a number of orthodontic treatment options to choose from. It..Read More