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When you need an orthodontist, you naturally want the best Invisalign in the Bronx/Queens that you can find. Searching through the available providers can be tedious, which is why we’re going to tell you how to sort out the best of the best. It begins with determining what Invisalign rating your prospective provider has.

How Invisalign Providers are Receive Ratings

Although Invisalign ratings are the only determining factor when searching for the best Invisalign, they do add confidence in your selection. Some offices proudly proclaim their Invisalign rating on their website, while others don’t. The take-away message is not to disqualify an orthodontist for not displaying their rating level.

Align Technology, the creators of Invisalign, rate doctors based on the number of successful Invisalign treatments they have completed. The ratings are based on a set number of points that are awarded for each successful treatment. There are eight rating levels — the more successful treatments a doctor has, the higher their rating will be.

Before becoming an Invisalign provider, doctors must undergo training and certification by Invisalign. Because of this training, you can always be assured that a provider is certified to work with Invisalign.

Finding the Best Invisalign in the Bronx/Queens

Although Invisalign is often not the only type of treatment an orthodontist works with, there are several that do specialize in it. The advancement of Invisalign treatment has brought it into the mainstream as a preferred treatment method. The advantages over traditional braces are many.

First on many people’s list is the near invisibility of the tray aligners. There has long been an aversion to the very visible metal brackets and wires of braces. This made treatment of adults less likely. With Invisalign, many adults are seeking treatment. The overall desire for a perfect smile makes treatment more successful for both the patient and the doctor.

While there are several different clear tray alignment systems, there is only one Invisalign. Make sure that you select a certified Invisalign provider.

Another factor in selecting an orthodontist is the cost. While many in the area will have similar pricing scales, you should also see what insurance they accept. Make sure that your insurance is accepted. Most offices also offer payment plans and they may work through Care Credit to assist in paying for treatment. Invisalign is an investment in your smile. While not inexpensive, most offices will work to make sure that payment plans fit within your family budget.

Contact Northeastern Braces to Begin Your Journey

As you research and evaluate providers, Northeastern Braces will consistently rise to the top of the list. When it comes to providing the best Invisalign in the Bronx and Queens, Northeastern Braces excels.  If you’re ready to begin an Invisalign treatment plan, please contact us.

To begin the process, request an appointment using our online form. If you would rather call us, our phone numbers are (845) 863-0500 at the Newburgh office and (917) 801-3600 for our Bronx location. Staff at both locations are knowledgeable and eager to offer assistance.

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