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There are many reasons to consider Invisalign aligners near the Bronx, NY. Invisalign does a great job of lining up teeth to reveal a great smile, and the aligners are easy and comfortable to wear. Plus, the fact that they are removable means the teeth are easier to clean, and there are few restrictions.

Do Invisalign Aligners Work?

Invisalign Aligners near the Bronx NYInvisalign works even better today than when first introduced. At first, Invisalign was effective for minor cases, but these days, Invisalign can handle more complex orthodontic issues. Patients who use Invisalign have a tray of aligners that are made exclusively for their teeth. Patients wear each aligner for two to three weeks before moving on to the next aligner in the set. The aligners are in a specific order planned by the orthodontist to move the teeth gradually into position.

Invisalign Aligners Are Removable

Patients can remove their aligners for up to two hours each day. Being removable allows patients to eat foods without the same kinds of restrictions faced by those with traditional braces. Also, being able to remove the aligners means the teeth are a lot easier to clean. Many times, patients find it difficult to keep teeth clean during orthodontic treatment, but that is not a problem with Invisalign.

Northeastern Braces for Invisalign Aligners near the Bronx, New York

Northeastern Braces provide Invisalign aligners near the Bronx, NY, for both teens and adults. We know each patient has unique orthodontic needs, and we have the experience to handle any orthodontic issue or emergency that comes up. With our commitment to quality orthodontic care and convenient appointment times, we are confident we can give you a treatment plan that reveals your best smile.

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Northeastern Braces offers a variety of affordable orthodontic treatments for children and adults, including Invisalign. You can even get a payment plan. We keep our appointment times, so you won’t have to wait, and you will love our staff. Call our Newburgh, New York, office at (845) 863-0500 to schedule your free consultation. During your visit, we can show you we are the best choice in your search for Invisalign aligners near the Bronx, NY.

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