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You need to go to an orthodontist and not any oral health care provider will do. You won’t accept average or good enough. Instead, you want to go to the top orthodontist in Bronx, NY. The top orthodontist has some qualities that you will love.

Lots of Treatment Options From the Top Orthodontist in Bronx, NY

Top Orthodontist in Bronx NYDid you know that the top orthodontist in Bronx, New York, offers lots of treatment options? Kids and adults can get metal and clear braces. Also, adults can get Invisalign and teens can choose Invisalign Teen when they visit the top orthodontist in the area.

Plus, you can get Zoom Whitening at the top orthodontist. Get your teeth straightened and then get a whitening treatment so that you can show off the perfect smile.

Affordable Prices at the Top Orthodontist in Bronx, NY

You probably expect to spend tons of money when going to the best orthodontist around. However, the top orthodontist offers affordable prices and accepts all insurance plans. You can even get a payment plan through your orthodontist. Then, you can make small payments each month and you won’t have to pay interest. To top it off, you can begin treatment with zero money down.

Short Wait Times

When you visit a Bronx orthodontist, you want to get in and out as quickly as possible. That won’t happen if your orthodontist doesn’t stick to appointment times. Fortunately, the top orthodontist in Bronx, New York, keeps appointments on time. You won’t waste your valuable time hanging out in the waiting room when you choose the best orthodontist in the Bronx.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Northeastern Braces offers a variety of affordable orthodontic treatments for children and adults. You can even get a payment plan. We keep our appointment times so you won’t have to wait, and you will love our staff. Call our Bronx, NY, office at (917) 801-3600 to schedule your free consultation. During your visit, you’ll realize why we are the top orthodontic practice in the Bronx.

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